Al Dhow for Environmental Projects Company is a leading Kuwait-based environmental engineering and sustainability company, we serve a wide range of clients in the governmental and private sectors and work closely with them to provide innovative, affordable solutions that reduce on-site capital and operating expenses.

Al Dhow for Environmental Projects Company offers a wide variety of services in the field of environmental services including:
Construction waste management and recycling.
Waste water management and recycling.
Renewable energies engineering.
Site investigation and remediation.
Oil spill clean up.
Treatment of oil sludge and oil contaminated water.
Soil remediation.
Water desalination.
Windmill and solar technologies.
HSE training.
Environmental laboratory analysis.
Industrial consultation.
Oil and Gas consultation.
Environmental consultation.

At Al Dhow, our story began in 2006 when we set out to be a pioneer in groundbreaking scientific and engineering developments in environmental solutions. Today, we’ve emerged as a national engineering, consulting and construction management firm providing unique integrated services to the power,environmental, infrastructure and oil and gas markets.

As one of the regions leading environmental engineering and sustainability companies, we serve a wide range of clients in the government and industry and work closely with them to provide innovative, affordable solutions that reduce on-site capital and operating expenses, due to inefficient resource use, such as offering green and sustainable engineering projects, certifications, regulatory compliance and clean energy consulting. We deliver improved efficiencies while reducingcost and risk by optimizing the use of energy, water and other resources, while minimizing waste and harnessing available financial incentives for sustainable products.

In a growingly seamless world, we derive our strength and capability from a unique blending of cultures, work ethic, intellect and education. Today, we are a 24/7 enterprise, with a goal to remain the gold standard within the natural
resource sector – where science, engineering and construction are only part of what we do.

As a fully integrated organization, our people are aligned with the critical needs of a fast-changing planet. Our global platform allows us to move the best technologies around the world to the point of need for our clients, no matter where they are.

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