Brackish Water

Brackish Water or Well Water is water that is more salty than potable fresh drinking water, in other words is has a higher salinity concentration levels, but not as much as sea water.

Brackish Water can be found in wells, boreholes, mangrove swamps, inland lakes and seas. 

Brackish water salinity concentrations may vary considerably over space and time.Water from 3,000-10,000 Mg/L TDS will be considered brackish Water in excess of 10,000 Mg/L will be considered saline & Ground water with salinity greater than seawater (about 35,000 mg/L) is typically referred to as brine. In general Brackish Water is a term for water that contains a significant concentration of dissolved salts (Na Cl). The concentration is usually expressed in parts per million (PPM) or milligram per liter (mg/L) of salt.

Brackish Water Treatment:

Most Brackish Water can be treated with a Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System, however, desalinating brackish water occurs at lower pressure compared to seawater desalination, resulting in more economical process, less energy consumption and more cost efficient.

All Reverse Osmosis Systems require sufficient pre-treatment to ensure proper production, operation and to preserve its operational life.  Pre-treatment process is engineered depending on feed water quality, water conditions and flow rates required.

Under sized pre-treatment process may cause a system overload, increasing the plant’s internal parts damage and usage, requiring more service and maintenance which will interrupt normal operations more often, and this will reduce productivity and increase cost.

Under sized pre-treatment will also increase scaling, fouling and plugging of the membrane elements which is the most expensive part of the reverse osmosis process.

The kind of pre-treatment system that is used greatly depends on feed water quality. Consequentially, sufficient feed water pre-treatment is dependent on:

· The source of the feed water
· The composition of the feed water
· The function of the feed water

We Al Dhow always require an exact water analysis report before we commence the design process of  a reverse osmosis project in order to design and build a complete and a correct Reverse Osmosis system with its pre-treatment .

Al Dhow Reverse osmosis systems are fully equipped and fully automated specifically designed and engineered for the specifications, conditions and the requirements of the project