Biogas Energy


Our biogas plant with sustainable anaerobic solutions turns the waste (liquid and solids) to values. Anaerobic treatment systems are based on a biological process operated and controlled under anaerobic conditions that effectively treats COD, BOD and VSS into very little new biomass and biogas (and energy product).

• Soft drink and beverage producers
• Municipal Organic Waste
• Convenience and food processing
• Potato and crisps processing
• Dairy processing
• Edible oil processing
• Fish, meat and poultry processing
• Agricultural waste
• Manure

Our Biogas Plant consists of the following steps:
• Raw material storage
• Digester feeding systems
• Digester and optional post digester
• Digestate
• Combined Power and Heat (CHP) unit
• Electricity power supply
• Upgrading of biogas to natural gas

Our Unique Advantages and Characteristics

• Energy in a biogas plant is carbon neutral
• Biogas and energy can be produced 24/7
• Closed systems, low environmental smells
• Low dependence on energy from the public net and import from other countries
• Energy generation is not directly depending on wind, water and sun conditions
• Biogas can be stored
• Fertilizer value of manure is improved by the biogas process

Customer Unique Benefits
• Turn a (waste) water treatment plant into a power generator
• Convert wastewater and/or organic wastes into energy
• Low OPEX costs
• High removal rates of BOD and VSS greatly reducing surcharge costs
• Highly adaptable to local requirements and conditions
• Reduced overall sludge production cost because of additional separation technologies