Environmental Consultation

Al Dhow has the experience available to undertake the full spectrum of environmental studies. Our scientists, engineers and specialist are capable of delivering studies and results. We have adequate knowledge and professional experience of the local and international standards through our background experiences.

• Environmental Baseline Studies (EBS)
• Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
• Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
• Environmental Risk Assessment
• Environmental Monitoring and Compliance
• Site Assessment, Remediation and Rehabilitation
• Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) services
• Waste Management (Non-Hazardous, Hazardous and Clinical)
• Coastal Zone Management (CZM)
• Marine Studies
• Dredging Management Plan (DMP)
• Environmental Modeling
• Studies on Alternatives
• Application of GIS and Remote Sensing
• Conservation of Energy
• Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)