Waste Energy

We believe that cities with advanced waste management systems are the sustainable cities of the future.

Waste-to-Energy plants are ideally suited to be used in installations for the thermal treatment of all kinds of municipal and industrial solid waste as well as forth combustion of biofuel. It is a modular concept for various waste compositions and calorific values.

At Al Dhow, we offer services for waste-to-energy and waste management projects throughout the value chain from collection and pre-treatment to clean and efficient energy generation. We have state-of-the-art combustion systems, with all kinds of pre-treatment and combustion technologies including grate, fluidized bed, circulating fluidized bed, rotary kiln, gasification/methanisation, pyrolysis and related air pollution control schemes.

Our 360° know-how in waste-to-energy and waste management includes:
• Waste logistics (collection, transportation, storage, handling)
• Waste pre-treatment (mechanical treatment, biological treatment, including composting and methanisation)
• Thermal processing (combustion system, boiler design, energy recovery, flue gas cleaning)
• Waste post-treatment (residue treatment, landfilling, landfill rehabilitation)

Our Waste-to-Energy conversion process consists of the following key steps:
• Sterilize the incoming waste
• utomatically remove the recyclable materials
• Dry the remaining material to produce the feedstock
• Feedstock in a non-burn process to produce a high calorific value
• Clean the syngas and send to engines
• Generate clean electricity using gas engines
• Clean the exhaust from the engine

Types of Feed-stock

Our Waste-to-Energy plants can process any type of waste that has a calorific value including:
• Municipal solid waste (MSW)
• Commercial & industrial waste
• Hospital waste
• Wood waste
• Abattoir waste
• Toxic waste (excluding nuclear)
• Agricultural and animal waste
• Sewage sludge and cake
• Oil sludge and contaminated oil
• Tires


We believe energy storage is now a prime determinant of how quickly society can shift from its dependency on fossil fuels to more effective use of renewable resources.

We deliver battery energy storage solutions that improve energy reliability and efficiency. Our energy storage systems manage the variability of renewable energy, smooth power and shift energy in a safe, reliable and simple way.

Our solutions comprise of new class of advanced lead-acid battery technology.