Soil Remediation

Once a need for soil remediation is recognized, the best available technology is selected according to the nature, toxicity, and origin of the contaminant, the present and potential hazard related to the degree of contamination, the chemical and physical characteristics of the soil, the land use, the time available for remediation, the community acceptance, and a cost-benefit analysis.

Al Dhow specializes in treating polluted soil mixed with oil using bio-remediation technique. Our patented technology is capable of treating large amount of contaminated soil in short periods at economical cost

In addition, AL dhow is capable of treating contaminated soil containing heavy metals using bonding agents. This patented technology can prevent further contamination of underground water

Al Dhow can safely detect and remove the military ordinates and other explosive materials hidden underground or within oil lakes.

The best remediation methods must be determined after completing necessary laboratory studies, considering the specialties of pollutants, hydrogeological properties of the polluted areas and economic feasabilities of the remediation methods