“Right for the planet, right for the bottom line.”

At Al Dhow, sustainability is a fundamental principle that drives our business. We are energized by these opportunities to make planet Earth a better place, and our commitment to this goal gives purpose to the work we do every day. We provide innovative, affordable and sustainable solutions that reduce costs through more efficient use of resources and pave the way for future generations to meet their own needs.

Our water, clean energy and sustainable solutions experts are at the forefront of environmental best practices with decades of experience in some of the world’s most complex and technologically advanced environmental projects addressing the environmental pressures of resource scarcity, population growth and climate change. Our wide range of innovative solutions includes:

• Complying with stringent and demanding regulations, while maintaining profitability, reputation and brand
• Employing the latest industry research and technological advances
• Setting overall strategic directions and aligning supporting sustainable initiatives
• Measuring and reducing carbon and water footprints, improving efficiency, and reducing cost and risk
• Optimizing the use of energy, water and other valuable resources while minimizing waste
• Increasing competitive advantage through tactical development of environmentally, socially and economically sound processes, supported by innovative resource management.

Our integrated approach to solutions is focused on balancing economic growth, social responsibility and environmental stewardship through the entire project life cycle, all aimed at continually creating value for our clients. We collaborate with clients to design solutions with tangible and quantifiable results that often provide ongoing benefits, long after a project’s completion. Through our continuing commitment to develop top talent, deepening our understanding of our clients’ needs, and delivering sustainable solutions to the communities in which we live and work, we are tackling some of the most pressing energy, environmental, and infrastructure challenges the world faces.