Constructional Waste

Al Dhow have vast experience in construction waste management and recycling by using the latest international techniques under the supervision of professional team specialized in the field of recycling the construction waste to maintain the best development. The outcome of the recycling is considered as a local product approved from all relative government authorities.

Al Dhow have approved a developed aims and strategy, and integrated solutions for the projects of the construction waste control. This effort will preserve the environment and take advantage of the recyclable materials to enhance the industrial projects, as well as opening new prospects of economic. This strategy includes many factors, which can be applied for finding the integrated solutions for removing the waste in cooperating with governmental sector.

Technology and Solution

• Segregation of construction demolition waste
• Crushing
• Manual picking station
• Blower system for non-concrete material
• Screening
• Storage

Environment Advantages:

Al Dhow is design and supply unique plants for construction demolition waste recycling, which contain vacuum system for the dusts. This vacuum system does not allow any leakage of dusts during the crusher process, which keep the environment clean.