Industrial Waste Water Treat

Industrial waste water contains a diversity of impurities and therefore its treatment requires specific customized solutions. At Al Dhow, we provide a high-performance custom treatment solution for all variety of waste water types and industries, meeting your objective to achieve the emission limits for industrial effluent that is constantly being tightened up. For closed circuits and product recovery in various production processes, we provide environmentally efficient and sustainable treatment methods for effluent systems; besides, we also have expertise in water reuse systems and zero liquid discharge.

One of our strengths is that we bring to the field the most experienced technical sales and support team among water treatment companies in the region.

Our unique industrial waste water treatment processes is used by the following industries:

• Metals
• Oil and gas
• Automotive
• Food and beverage
• Mining
• Steel manufacturing
• Pulp and paper processing
• Slaughter housing
• Meet processing
• Glass
• Chemical
• Pharmaceutical
• Petrochemicals
• Textiles
• Plastics
• Aggregates and construction

Our long-term experience in the industrial waste water treatment sector is advantageously employed for the technical and economic optimization of every subsequent facility.

The treatment process contains:
• Preliminary and screening
• Flow equalization
• Physical chemical treatment
• Biological (anaerobic and aerobic) treatment process
• Filtration and disinfection process
• Sludge treatment and dewatering

Performance and Discharge Guarantee

Our industrial waste water treatment plant is designed for high performance and guaranteed treated water discharge quality according to the country’s local regulations:

• Surface Sea water discharge standards
• Public sewer discharge standards
• Irrigation water standards
• Customer needs and recycling

Technology and treatment processes

Screening Process
• Coarse screening
• Fine screening Physicochemical Process
• Induced gas flotation
• Micro bubble flotation
• Dissolved air flotation
• Coagulation flocculation precipitation
• Oil and grease separator
• Floating oil skimmers
• Lamella separator

Anaerobic Biological Process
• Low rate anaerobic digester
• Up flow anaerobic sludge blanket
• Hybrid Digester
• Continuous stirred tank reactor

Aerobic Biological Process
• Activated sludge process (ASP)
• Extended aeration (EA)
• Moving bed bio-reactor (MBBR)
• Integrated fixed film activated sludge (IFAS)
• Sequential batch reactors (SBR)
• Membrane bio reactors (MBR)

Tertiary Treatment Process
• Pressure sand filters
• Activated carbon filters
• Iron removal filters
• Ion exchange process
• Metal removal
• Reverse osmosis
• Chlorine disinfection
• Ozone disinfection

Sludge Dewatering Process
• Pressure filter press
• Belt press
• Decanter centrifuge
• Sludge dewatering container
• Sludge dewatering bags

The unique advantages of our industrial waste water treatment plants:
• High biological adaptation
• Effective and energy-saving process
• Small footprint
• Easy construction and installation even on intermediate ceilings
• High flexibility at fluctuating wastewater loads
• Fast installation
• Low maintenance
• Fully automated process control
• Compatible with all classic processes